Protection is part planning.
How is your nest egg protected?
It can be
Plans can
create smiles.
Your future is brighter with more than one set of hands for support.

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Futurity First Wealth Management advisors are here to create your financial plan and help manage your investment assets. We are affiliated with the insurance marketing organization, Senior Market Sales, and an insurance agency, Futurity First Insurance Group. With access to numerous investment strategies and insurance products, we offer a comprehensive solution to your needs.

Your Bl(u)Print

Your Future. Your Security. It’s "Futurity" and we place it as our first priority. Through a detailed discussion, utilization of planning tools, diversified investment management alternatives, and adviser focused on you, we present your financial Bl(u)Print.

Future & Security



Your first priority.

Bl(u)Print – A (financial) design plan.



There are foundational components to every financial plan including expected cash flows, social security benefits, tax implications, and risk tolerance.  Through years of experience we have developed a comprehensive approach.


Your life and your financial plan are just that –they're yours. Each plan we create is customized to your specific situation.


We invest the time to design, customize, and create your financial plan. This is hard work, and we really thrive on completing it. Let us create a value-add financial plan for you.


Once created, we will walk through the financial plan and discuss specific items in the amount of depth you request.


Futurity First Wealth Management
Your Future. Your Security. It’s "Futurity" and we place it as our first priority.


Futurity First Wealth Management offers access to different asset managers.  This allows the adviser to match your needs with the appropriate portfolio construction.  For example, you may be interested in low-cost Exchange Traded Fund alternatives, or maybe you prefer a portfolio consisting of mutual funds. It is important that you have easy access to your information, so each investment platform provides a client portal. We never share in the gains or losses of your investment portfolio.